Cell phone tracker 627 review

I had a problem with a order. I didn't find the answer in the FAQ help and was able to chat with a service person and my problem was taken care of. And that's all people want, problems taken care of.

Liked the very good price on a quality refurb 4K blu-ray player and how it was shipped very fast and packaged satisfactorily. Definitely will add them to my list of stores I check on a regular basis. I recently needed to purchase a new battery for my older feature cell phone, and I found what I needed at a4c. Shipping was free, and by buying three batteries, I got a super great price. They also came very quickly, much more quickly than I had expected. Thanks for the great service! So far the product seems accurate to the description.

As far as that goes, I'm happy. The shipping information given at the time of check out, however, leaves a lot of loopholes for them to wriggle through. My 2-day shipping became a 6-day package!

Pat Stanley

They offered me my choice of 2 acceptable resolutions. I have sent my reply with my preferred choice. I will continue to update. Hot on it's heels, was a letter from the Resolution Center, having noted both my letter of complaint and my less than stellar review here on TrustPilot. They have inquired if there is anything further they can do. Not wanting to be greedy and ask for more than a refund of shipping charges the missed event was inconvenient but not yet life or death as I hope to see my grandparents again before she dies I will have no further updates on that front.

I was hesitant to purchase at first because i didn't know the store, but once I saw it was a Google Trusted Site, I figured it would be okay. The checkout was easy, the price was incredible for the battery I needed, and it was delivered very FAST, even during a blizzard.

Great store! Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Cell phone battery Battery came on time works great, and the price was great,. Great service would recommend Ordered refurbished ipad mini which arrived on time. Reply from A4C.